Our Core Values

We are professionals and we carry out our social duties with a lot of professionalism, integrity, accountability, transparency, among others. Below are our core values as a foundation.
Rakod Foundation Human rights and justice Core Value

Human rights and justice

At Rakod Foundation, we believe and respect the rights of others, in everything that we do, we never disrespect the inherent worth and dignity of people.

Rakod Foundation Integrity Core Value


We are consistent in our moral and ethical standards, our values and principles are very important to us. We don’t believe in taking credit for our good works, we want to create a society where children are educated, their health, poverty, sanitation and gender equality are catered for and their rights are fought for.

Rakod Foundation Accountability and transparency Core Value

Accountability and transparency

We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of transparency, and accountability to all our donors, partners and volunteers and the communities where we serve and interventions are being carried out. Our reports and news letters will be always on our organizations website for public use. All our projects will have special budgets, and special reports upon implementation.

Rakod Foundation Cooperation and partnership Core Value

Cooperation and partnership

We strongly believe in the strength of partnership, therefore we endeavor to create a shared voice working together to enable us achieve our shared goals, and our shared values.