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Rakod Foundation started a hand washing project in schools and homes to help improve hygiene conditions in the less privilege societies.
Rakod foundation in its first year is introducing hand washing project in its implementing communities in north tongue in the Volta region and fanteakwa south district in the eastern region of Ghana. Rakod foundation implements hand washing projects as part of an integrated and multi-sectional approach to improve community health, education and social outcomes.
Rakod foundation works with local government agencies to implements Hand washing (WH) interventions at the community level, ensuring a comprehensive and sustainable approach. RF improves access through infrastructure construction and maintenance and changes behavior through social and behavior change communication and community capacity building. RWF will work with schools under the sub community in the north tongue district and fanteakwa south district.

The objective of the trip therefore is to collaborate with Ghana Education Services and also to introduce Hand washing project to the selected schools in the various districts within the two regions of Ghana.

The project locations are;

1. Torgorme Community - Volta Region
2. Nakpoe Community - Volta Region
3. Azagonorkope Community-Volta Region
4. Bonkamin Community-Eastern Region
5. Akyem Hemang Community -Eastern Region
6. Akyem Saamang

Strenghtening Institutions

RAKOD provides technical expertise and support directly to other agencies including Ghana education services(GES) and district assemblies in other to achieve lasting impact. Rakod focuses on capacity building including the development of sustainability strategies and effective monitoring and supervision of activities together with other agencies counterparts.

Capacity Building

Through training and support, Rakod builds the capacity of district agencies on school and community hand washing project planning, implementation and performance monitoring. Rakod, together with GES and other agencies, now supports handwashing project monitoring across six (6) communities by measuring progress against targets to inform day to day operation and management decisions, with the goal of improving school absenteeism and retention rates, while also creating positive health outcomes. Rakod is currently undertaken handwashing assessments at school and communities together with center personnel and school teachers to improve handwashing service delivery.

Behaviour Change And Demand Creation

Rakod strengthens community systems in remote area to generate demand for both infrastructure and improved hygiene and sanitation behaviors. Rakod uses a holistic and comprehensive approach to build community level capacity to sustain handwashing outcomes.

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