Yam Project

We support farmers with education resources on the growing of yam in their respective communities in Ghana.

RAKOD research and impact

Rakod objectives are to develop new varieties of yams with desired agronomic and quality traits (e.g., high and stable yields and reduced labor requirements) and improve yam-based cropping systems.
Rakod agric team have made progress in finding and analyzing the genetics of yam resistance to anthracnose and viral diseases. The sources of resistance have been used to develop improved varieties, which have been delivered to research partners.

We are increasing our efforts in developing and applying molecular markers for genetic improvement. We use state-of-the art techniques in tissue culture to eliminate pathogens, principally viruses, from samples planned for international distribution. Ongoing research includes improving protocols for rapid field propagation using vine cuttings.

In food science and technology we conduct research to improve the understanding of the relationships between physical and chemical properties of yams and the range and quality of processed yam products. Our current work also includes screening new variety samples and yam food products for their retention of micronutrients such as carotenoids, iron, and zinc, ascorbic acid, tannins, and phytic acid.
Our social scientists assess the financial viability and adoption potential of the technologies being developed. They are also working towards a better understanding of markets and demand for yams and yam products.

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