Maize Project

We support farmers with education resources on the growing of maize in their respective communities in Ghana.

RAKOD research and impact

RAKOD agricultural team have developed high yielding and disease-resistant varieties that are adaptable to various agro ecological zones. Their research accomplishments helped to stem a serious outbreak of MSV in the 1970s.
Remarkable success was also achieved with the development of Striga-resistant varieties that suppress the weed, and other pest-resistant varieties that were released into endemic areas of Nigeria and Cameroon.

Early, intermediate, and late maturing varieties were developed with yields up to twice as much as traditional varieties. Early maturing varieties enabled maize production to expand into new areas, especially to the Sudan savannas where the short rainy season had adversely affected maize cultivation in the past.

Rakod postharvest researchers developed effective and simple machines and tools that reduce processing time and labor as well as production losses. Recently, the team engaged in research to enhance the nutrient content of maize to combat malnutrition and diseases caused by micro-nutrient deficiency. They are also developing mycotoxin-resistant varieties in collaboration with advanced laboratories to minimize the health hazards of these toxins.

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