Farmer Field School

We provide educational assistance to farmers in the less privilege communities in Ghana.
African leaders have the unique opportunity to use the agricultural system as a driver for their economies and a source of pride and sustainability for their populations. About 36% of all African labour potential is used in subsistence agriculture.  If that percentage of the population could have access to methods of improving their agricultural techniques, increasing production, and gaining the ability to transform agriculture into an income earning endeavour and it will benefits in terms of standard of living, infrastructure, and economic stability.

Farmer Field School:Is to provide a platform for farmers to test a new technique and adapt it to their own specific needs. To combine research, education and extension services for local farmers. Many agricultural technologies needs to be adapted to local contents once they leave the lab to ensure that they are practical for farmers and that people can adopt them into their current agricultural practices.

The resources needed are access to the new technology,  be it a seed variety,  a new fertilizer or a new irrigation technique; a few extension agents to train a cadre of local farmers to spread the innovation; and a fellow-up visit to monitor the process and help villages interpret the results.
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