About Us

Get to know more about Us as a charity Organization and see some of what we've done.
Rakod Foundation is a community based national Non-Governmental Organization whose main focus is addressing the needs of less privilege’s wellbeing; the initiative was created in the month and year of December 2013.

The organization was officially registered within a couple months afterwards, but beforehand, it was worked as a volunteering entity up until the month and year of February 2014. The organization is register with an officiated registration number of, C0003249514 under the company’s code and ordinance of 1963 (Act 179).

Rakod is also protected by other statutory bodies in Ghana such as The Department of Social Development, registrar number D.S.D /6744 with an issuing date of September 29, 2016; also supported by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA).

Our Mission

Our mission is to vehemently be assertive in our efforts to break the negative stigma that hope isn’t alive for the less fortunate. As a medium, we will use our platform to be resourceful facilitators both as organizers and community developer’s in conjunction with funding agencies and donations.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a better tomorrow for widows and children throughout the communities. To enlighten, teach and learn them that through hard work, determination and the will of strength that all goals are reachable and can be obtained. That the consequences of personal hygienically behaviors improve lifestyles and lessen germs on the crops or spread organisms that aren’t seen visibly but ingested from human to human by way of sharing unnoticeably.

Thus, our vision is to ensure that the social welfare of all communities is well informed and well-endowed with an arrangement of invaluable resources with which will result in improvement in all of our beneficiary’s lifestyle.
About Us

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